Selecting goods on Wish

After completing the registration, you can immediately start browsing the shop. You will find a huge number of offers of various goods at Wish. Are you now asking yourself “how can I know everything?” We will help you with that and advise you on how to find inspirational and interesting products that are exactly what you are currently looking for.

The search system is very simple and intuitive.

Wish Range

After viewing the main website, some people may find the shop confusing at first glance and to some the range of products may even seem small. However, you will see the opposite when you dive deeper into the system. You will find millions of offers handily categorized. You can view goods on in several ways:

  • Through the main random menu
  • Searching for goods
  • Through categories

Always bear in mind that the shop primarily focuses on fashion. You can also find, for example, technical gadgets or pet supplies but not to such an extent. If you want to return to products already displayed use the history of viewed goods. You can find a link to it in the “recently viewed” tab. Mark your favourite goods, which you know you will want to return to after a while, with the heart symbol and add them to your wishlist.

Main offer

When you open Wish, you’ll first see products that you might like. It is usually an assortment that appeals to a large number of customers because of its attractiveness and price. You’ll always find a different menu, so if you just want to browse through random items and see what you might like, this is the perfect option. To reload and view new products, just reload the page – for example, use the F5 key.


The opposite of random browsing on is when you have a clear idea of what product you are looking for. This is what search is used for. For example, if you are looking for a women’s long-sleeved T-shirt, enter this specification in the box above and click “search”. The search results are very approximate and sometimes you may see items that do not exactly match your requirement (in our case, for example, men’s fashion, short sleeves or other colours). However, the shop offers a wide range of goods, so if you scroll down, you will still be shown other products and you will be able to make a definite choice. Searches can be in Czech or English, but the English results tend to be more accurate according to customer experience and also have a wider product selection. If you do not speak a foreign language, there is nothing easier than using an online translator. This will give you access to much more interesting goods.



If you are not just browsing the shop but you do not have an exact idea of the specifications of the goods, try browsing the store through the categories. For example, if you want to buy a watch, but you don’t know what design, Wish will show you a list of its range. As with other types of search, sorting is handled automatically and discounts and special offers are displayed first. As everywhere in the e-shop, you can use filtering, not only for complicated situations, such as sorting by colour, but also basic sorting by price or date of adding.