You may not know it yet or you may have already come across the foreign sales portal, or if you are interested in cost-effective foreign shops with a wide range of goods, you certainly know the e-shop wish. If not, come and take a closer look and see what it is. Maybe you’ve already made some wish purchases online, maybe not.

However, even regular customers can learn more about the various interesting things and new opportunities that the Wish shop brings to its customers. Already over 50 million people from all over the world buy trendy things 50 to 80% cheaper than you pay in your local shop through these foreign portals. The biggest advantage of the Wish shop is that everything is in Czech, even customer support. In any case, Czech is only the interface of trade. Product descriptions are still in English. The disadvantage of shopping at Wish may be the Chinese origin of the goods – you cannot expect the highest level of quality, however, the customer may be pleasantly surprised.

Principle of Wish operation

It is a worldwide business network that has its own website and mobile application. If you want to shop at Wish Czech-speaking online shop and are interested in non-traditional and original goods from abroad, especially China, which are really cheap, then you have just found what you are looking for. It must be said in advance that the wish shop is not a classic e-shop of one owner as you know from the classic Czech websites that offer goods. Wish acts as a point of sale, where many retailers offer their products. Each order in the Wish shop has a different place of dispatch, so postage must be paid separately for each item. Wish postage is a symbolic amount, but compared to the Ebay store, where postage is often free, this may seem like a disadvantage. It is basically a marketplace in an online environment, so Wish works just like platforms known to some of you.

What can you find on Wish?

At Wish, a large number of retailers sell their goods and you will find millions of different products that have already gained millions of customers worldwide. The shop mainly focuses on jewellery, accessories, cosmetics and fashion-related products in general. The design accessories of mobile phones also have an irreplaceable place. Occasionally, however, you can also discover various technical and electronic gadgets, especially the latest Chinese mobile phones, vacuum cleaners, toys, household items, for your pets, for sports or health. Women in particular will love the huge amount of jewellery, clothing accessories and the latest fashion trends. Men, on the other hand, can satisfy their needs when retrofitting their cars, tools or all kinds of spare parts. You will find practically everything in your native language, including details and customer support. The goods are classified into categories for clarity.

History of the Wish shop

The founders of this popular business are Peter Szulczewski a Danny Zhang. Wish was founded on July 4, 2010 in San Francisco, USA, as an application for lists of goods that customers would like to purchase. It also made money as a pay-per-click model of advertising on Facebook. In 2013, Wish eshop was transformed and became an electronic trading place with today’s format, when it moved from the demand system directly to the offer of merchants, from whom it charges commissions for its products.

Customer reviews

Wish online shop is generally considered a reliable e-shop according to customer reviews. Purchases and any complaints about Wish are usually hassle-free or sometimes different, and in terms of payment, the system is secure. One of the most criticized things is the need to pay postage where competitors offer free delivery. The quantities and types of goods are comparable to other markets. Because of the very low prices and the origin of the products from China, the quality is as expected and logically relatively lower than for branded goods, but it can often be a pleasant surprise. Of course, Wish provides an evaluation of a specific range, with the proviso that you will be the first to see the opinions of English customers who bought before you, and only then foreign ones. Never buy products with small student or business loans. Thanks to the rating system for products and retailers, everyone can share their experience with Wish and thus contribute their opinion to protect the buyer.