What to watch out for

Shopping on the world internet marketplace wish.com has a number of advantages, but also disadvantages and pitfalls that can catch out less experienced and advanced customers of foreign online shops.

We will now advise you on what to look out for when shopping at Wish so that your purchases are completely convenient and hassle-free.

The inscription discount does not have to mean a discount

Immediately after logging in, Wish will show you a large list of promotions and discounted goods. You can find the product cheaper by up to 90%. However, do not give in to the initial great enthusiasm and buy the first thing that appears. Instead, take a good look at the shop and see what you can buy and at what price. You will definitely not miss discounts on Wish anywhere – there is really a sufficient number of them at any time. In addition, every discount may not really be a discount and may not be advantageous. It can be a business trick when:

  • the goods are naturally cheap and the discount has not actually taken place
  • the discounted amount is then added to the postage

If you want to find out how much goods will cost you on Wish don’t forget to add the postage. Also, look at how advantageous the price of the item with shipping is to you as a whole and not at the percentage discounts. Wish is really very advantageous in most cases, but extreme discounts are more of a competition for local merchants for a better place in search rankings and for more trusting customers to notice them than to actually save anything with them.

Pictures of goods

Sometimes you can come across a rejuvenating cream on Wish, in which the first photo shows a wrinkled lady and the second picture a young lady who could be her granddaughter or worse, the photo is visibly and extremely edited in a graphics program. Of course, such advertising cannot be trusted, and everyone will see that it is a business trick. Keep in mind, however, that even with compelling products that look good and realistic at first glance, the photo may not be true.

Transport, VAT and customs

Wish is a generally reliable business, especially compared to other Chinese markets. If you do not believe in every “discount” and the pleasing display of goods, you have nothing to fear when buying. Keep in mind, however, that you pay postage separately for each item from another merchant, and also that sometimes, as with other foreign shops, the price is not final. For more expensive things, you may be charged VAT and customs at the border – but if you order one T-shirt, for example, you will usually avoid this.

Longer time

At Wish and other foreign sellers, sometimes the waiting time for the delivery of goods or a refund for a complaint is considerably longer. When this happens, don’t panic and contact customer support. Delays may occur because of international transport – take it into account not only in your own patience but especially if you are buying someone a gift. Place your order well in advance.