Wish application

Wish is an international online marketplace service with a large number of offers from various merchants. Unlike classic e-shops that you know in the Czech Republic, however, it is not just a website. In addition, customers can access the store via a mobile application.

This means Wish is always on hand, wherever you are. Using the application will bring other benefits and we will now tell you what.


The basic and, for most users, the first environment they encounter at the Wish internet marketplace is the website. Shopping through it is the same as in any other e-shop. After accessing wish.com, the shop will open and you can start shopping happily. You can sign in from your browser, no matter what computer you’re on. The web form can be fully used and suits many users. However, you can also try the mobile application that Wish has for its customers.

Mobile application

Unlike most Czech e-shops, however, Wish offers another shopping environment that will be appreciated especially by the younger generation and that is the mobile application. Thanks to it, owners of smart devices can have their favourite shop on hand at any time. You can find the application under the name “Wish – shopping is fun”. It is available for the operating systems:

  • Android
  • iOS

The application is very similar in appearance and operation to the website, so everyone can handle it without difficulty. The controls are intuitive and very clear. It goes without saying that the application, as well as the website, will want you to log in and will also communicate with you in Czech without any problems. To sum up, the application, like the e-shop on the Internet, is also suitable for everyone. If you are new to foreign markets, this is the ideal choice. “Wish – shopping is fun” and you can install it without any problems. The only thing to bear in mind is that you need an internet connection for both the application and the online store to place an order.


What makes the application better?

In addition to being able to access Wish on your phone from anywhere, the “Wish – shopping is fun” application offers other significant advantages compared to the website. What will immediately make users happy is its clarity. If the wish.com e-shop seems a bit confusing, you will definitely appreciate its design for mobile devices. This is much simpler and intuitively easier to use. Clarity also includes easily accessible bookmarks in the application, such as “notifications”, which notify you in advance of upcoming news and discounts. This allows you to plan your purchases in advance and get the goods even cheaper. A better and clearer environment also applies to rewards, where you can clearly see your points earned for logging in, purchases made and reviews written. These points can be turned into other interesting discounts.