Wish complaints

No matter where you shop, sometimes goods must be returned because of damage or just because of choosing the wrong size. Those of you who normally shop in Chinese online shops must know that many times complaining is not worth it or not even possible.

So what about returning goods to Wish? Let’s have a look. You will be very surprised.

Preventing complaints

Sometimes we simply cannot avoid a complaint and have to deal with it even if it is unpleasant. However, returning goods is not only problematic and worrisome for customers but also for the sellers themselves. Especially when you’re sending something halfway across the world. Therefore Wish tries to prevent these situations. It brings together honest sellers who are not defrauding marketplace clients – they would damage their reputation by accepting unfair offers. At wish.com, a system of rating according to stars, number of purchases and comments works as a prevention against purchases that you would have to complain about. Based on the experience of previous users, you can immediately see the pros and cons of the goods you are viewing. You first see the written reviews of Czech customers and only then foreign ones.

Check the correct size

Because in fashion, which Wish sales primarily focuses on, the most common reason for returning goods is choosing the wrong size, the marketplace has set up not only a sizing system (S, M, L, XL, etc.) but also an evaluation of how the numbering corresponds to reality. Therefore because the sizes of Chinese clothes do not fit into our tables will not become a complication for you. If this is the case, you will also find a record in the offer that this item was too small for most customers, for example, and you will immediately get the correct size.


Despite all the efforts of you and the shop itself, you may have to return goods due to the wrong size or poor quality. Unlike most Chinese markets, Wish offers this option, gaining an edge over its competition. Complaint handling is as hassle-free as a refund, although it can take up to 30 days due to paperwork and foreign payment styles. The amount paid for the goods will be credited to you in full, including:

  • Freight
  • VAT

  • Duty

The deadline for returning the goods is 30 days from the delivery of the shipment. If there are any discrepancies contact customer support. In many cases of claiming a defect or malfunction, you will learn that you can keep the goods and your money will be refunded. But definitely do not rely on this as a rule – fraud in reporting functional goods as faulty will not pay off. However, in reality there can be a lot of problems.

The customer cannot communicate the complaint with the portal or Wish rejects the complaint or the customer will find that he will have to send goods worth e.g. USD 10 to the very other end of the world at his own expense. Then the transport is 10 times more than the value of the goods. So if you really want to complain about the goods think about the impact of this step. The best thing is to buy only goods that do not need to be complained about, or instead of complaining buy a new item that suits you. And you can either sell the goods you complained about in the country or simply throw them away.