Why shop at Wish

Shopping at foreign – or international – markets has many pros and cons. It’s up to everyone whether to buy in such a store or not. However, it is important to follow some safety rules and strictly adhere to them.

Let’s find out together what the advantages are compared to the competition and why it is advantageous for customers to shop at Wish.

Great range

At wish.com you will find a really wide range from which everyone can choose. You cannot buy so many goods on any of the Czech e-shops. In addition, everything is handily sorted into categories for greater clarity and the details of the goods are well processed – immediately after clicking on the item you will see the price of the product and the shipping, delivery date and other details such as selecting parameters and reviews of other users. You will also be shown related and alternative goods so that you do not forget to buy something or do not buy the most beautiful thing from the whole wide range.

Discount up to 50%

There are various discounts available on your purchases. The first is when you buy together with other buyers. These high-speed products often arrive quickly. Another discount can be obtained by emailing, when Wish will send you a discount code. If you are shopping for the first time, you can take advantage of a discount of up to 50% on your first order by entering the discount code below in the body of the order:


This discount can only be used with your first purchase. The discount can be used until further notice. If you are already registered, why not buy for your wife or husband who does not yet have a wish account. Or create a new account.


Unlike most foreign internet marketplaces, where goods cannot be returned, Wish has a very reliable complaint system. Complaints can be made within 30 days of delivery, even if just the size is wrong or you have changed your mind about the purchase. This advantage is definitely worth taking into account.

Good price

The undeniable advantage of why people shop on wish.com is the low cost price. Compared to eBay or Aliexpress, it is a bit higher, mainly due to postage, but it still pays off compared to Czech shops. Unlike competing marketplaces, for example, it provides the above guarantee for complaints. The products are cheap not only because they usually come from China, but also to more favourable market conditions that foreign suppliers have – for example, they do not have to comply with any European and Czech laws, standards, directives and smaller and cheaper items have tax and customs relief. They also do not add various fees to the goods, such as recycling or packaging.