Ordering and payment

After registering, there is nothing to stop you from viewing the goods and placing an order from the range you have chosen. We will now show you what happens after adding the goods to the cart, and demonstrate how easy shopping at Wish is and how your order will be completed.

Let’s take a closer look at payment options and shipping.

Goods in the basket

Wish Orders are the same as in classic e-shops. You simply add the selected goods to the trolley and it will be added to your shopping list. When you browse the top of the page shows how many items are in your trolley and when you click on the icon they will be listed in detail. You can change the number of items in the basket and delete a specific item. When you have selected, you will go through the “checkout” tab to the order itself.


In the first step of the order, fill in the delivery details – i.e. name, address and telephone number. Your email is already listed from your previous registration. Fields marked with an asterisk must be filled in. There is a summary of your ordered items on the side, where you can still check that you have everything you need and that you have correctly selected all the parameters of the goods such as size and colour.

Payment methods

To complete the order, it must be paid immediately. At wish.com, payment is always made in advance and electronically – there is no cash on delivery (payment to the courier upon receipt), which is logical, given that the vast majority of merchants are abroad. You can choose from two payment methods:

  • online card
  • PayPal

Both options are easy thanks to instructions and intuitive operation even for computer beginners. PayPal payment is generally more recommended for online financial transactions because it is safer than card payment, but it is a slightly slower option. Wish is an overall hassle-free shop, so you don’t have to be afraid of paying for your order with a payment card. Especially if you have a set limit for online payments – then you can shop completely without worrying that you could lose large amounts.

Transport and delivery

Shipping is always decided by the sender. He chooses an international carrier, which then hands over the consignment in the England, Australia, USA to a regular courier, with which he has a cooperation agreement. The price for delivery can be found for specific goods. It is usually very cheap – even if the sender is from abroad, it is often even cheaper than from local e-shops. It is important to bear in mind that even if you order items on wish.com as on one platform, each item is sent by a different merchant and therefore you will pay the freight separately for each and they may also arrive at different times.

And this is what the detail of the order looks like after payment in the list of orders.